The I AM Campaign is grateful for our partners, including the following:


Quaker Heritage Center

Wilmington, Ohio

With (the) goal of empowerment in mind, the Center welcomes the opportunity to partner with the I Am Campaign to combat modern day slavery. The Campaign’s work both in the U.S. and abroad not only aligns itself with the values of the Center and Quakerism in general, but also provides our stakeholders an opportunity to live out and work for those values in a concrete and meaningful way.
— Ruth M. Brindle, Director, Quaker Heritage Center
The I AM Campaign is built on these principles of activism and compassion for the most vulnerable in our world today, claiming their human rights and rising up to take a stand on their behalf. As one who has witnessed firsthand the difference that one person can make on one life, I believe that a campaign of this magnitude, global reach and creativity can and will make that transformation exponential.
— Nicole Watts, Founder/Executive Director, Hopeprint

National Agency for Equal Opportunities

between Women and Men


We are interested in using community organizing in our activities, and we are open to welcome the U.S. mentor to our organization.
— Ioana Liana Cazacu, Secretary of State of Romania
Today’s huge number of victims is, among others, a sign of the apathy that encompasses the world, a sign of ‘you are’ or ‘we are.’ It is a consequence of a worldview that gives a lot of attention to the self while putting responsibility on others. We think that I AM is the stance we should all take to tackle the problems that surround us.
— eLiberare Team, Bucharest, Romania