Our vision is the re-abolishing of slavery.


The I AM Campaign is a trans-local campaign to fight modern day slavery. 

Our group of modern-day abolitionists is seeking to form partnerships with local communities, partner organizations, and global stakeholders around the world who are fighting to re-abolish modern day slavery and its effects.


We are organizing a global coalition convened to assure awareness, advocacy and aftercare are materialized to help those that are vulnerable to and are survivors of this global pandemic.


Equipping local stakeholders with digestible bites for their community members to understand modern-day slavery and its effects, and participate in re-abolishing it locally and globally. This includes workshops, speaking engagements, resource tools, networking and more, based upon the local context.


We each have a voice that can be used to advocate on others behalf, and the larger our collective shout, the farther it reaches. Together with local and global partners, we seek to unite that collective shout, and connect campaign participants to helpful resources and advocacy opportunities. This includes informing of advocacy opportunities, training on community organizing for local advocacy efforts and more.


When injustice is witnessed, it is tempting to break open the doors and fight for freedom with little thought to the after. Yet, as history teaches us, what meets those who were once enslaved in freedom will be the heart of their story. I AM Campaign seeks to get those in need to the help they need, and has a vision of efforts that sustainably address the economic condition of those freed. This includes referring to available resources, and working with investors to create additional spaces of healing.