The Time is NOW

The fellows from the Cincinnati project, Not On Our Watch shared their perspective on the issue they are tackling: 

Slavery isn’t just a history lesson - isn’t just a third world dilemma - isn’t just someone else’s issue. According to the Global Slavery Index, modern day slavery has already wrapped approximately 46 million human beings worldwide its clutches - a number equivalent to the entire population of Spain. Domestic servitude, forced or bonded labor, sexual exploitation, and forced marriage all encompassed slavery as it exists in today’s society. As the second largest international crime, a blind eye cannot be turned to those who are vulnerable or coerced victims and survivors.

The Not On Our Watch (NOW) Initiative, with support from the I AM Campaign, is taking this global pandemic and cultivating recognition and attention for it trans-locally. All involved entities of the I AM Campaign embody the three A’s: awareness, advocacy, and aftercare. They aim to expose the truth and rally individuals from all walks of life to combat modern-day slavery.  Too many American’s are unaware that this crisis is within our borders and within our communities. People are even unconsciously supporting this crime by innocently purchasing goods from companies that thrive off of the exploitation of laborers. There is a solution though - with education this issue can cease to exist; with every dollar that’s spent, consumers can send a message. After all, if we are doing nothing to end modern day slavery, we are indirectly encouraging the industry. So this is what Not On Our Watch is trying to prevent. We believe local business are strong, respected pillars of most every community and we are going to challenge them to use their voice to raise awareness.

To take a stand against modern day slavery is an hefty yet fulfilling challenge. Social responsibility calls us to eradicate such harmful actions and it is easy to become a leader in advocating against slavery with help of the Not On Our Watch Initiative. Understanding and opposing unfair working conditions and sex trafficking is a simple yet influential way to get started. The NOW Initiative can help you explore more ways to make your stand against this injustice. Everyone has the opportunity to turn the world into a more stable, safer place. Choose to take a stand against modern day slavery because the right time is NOW.