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In the heart of Chicago, the I AM Campaign finds itself in the cross-hairs of both the impact of historical slavery and the realities of modern day slavery.  A city that is nationally known to wrestle with issues of racism and violence, as well as being the birthplace of a great number of well-respected leaders and activists, Chicago is well acquainted with the complexity such overlap brings. In this space, the I AM Campaign seeks to raise these under-spoken realities to the surface, and boldly address the way our past far too easily impacts our future, and beckons us to write a different story of freedom and healing.

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Romania is a beautiful land filled with talented, amazing people who have overcome much and envision a brighter future ahead. Tragically, amidst this pursuit of personal and national dreams lies a monster in their midst, with a tragically active source, destination and place of transit for trafficked people. In an effort to overcome this nightmare, and write a better future for their sons and daughters, both governmental and NGO entities are partnering together to combat modern day slavery. The I AM Campaign seeks to coach local communities and national stakeholders alike in the skills of community organizing which raises awareness, advocates and invests in aftercare in a meaningful way. 

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The Ohio River Valley of Cincinnati provides the perfect landscape for our hub and spoke strategy of community organizing to raise awareness, engage in advocacy, and invest in aftercare. This includes working with the community leaders, university students, area churches, social and political groups and more to build a united front and ongoing conversation.

One project emerging from this work is the Not On Our Watch initiative, a collective of businesses and corporations committed to raising awareness about modern day slavery. In partnership with Wilmington College, the I AM Campaign is building out the infrastructure to